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We are a patient-focused service with trust at the very heart of the care we offer.

cambridge gynaecology centre

Our Ethos


Why Cambridge Gynaecology Centre?

Comments received from patients are centred on three themes:

Our vision and values

Trust – we regularly deal with highly sensitive issues, and feel that trust is at the very heart of the care that is provided by Cambridge Gynaecology Centre.


Support – we support our patients by showing that we will go the extra mile to provide the highest quality care from all our staff involved with your treatment.


Approachable – we aim to retain a friendly and relaxed atmosphere despite dealing with complex medical issues. We are aware of the concerns of patients and we aim to allay these by providing timely and professional care.


Candour – we can be relied upon to be down-to-earth, honest and straightforward in our approach to our patients and their medical needs. We provide relevant and thoughtful advice, based on a broad and deep expertise developed over many years which is recognised nationally and internationally.


Forward looking – we are a truly patient-focused service. We maintain our leading edge by keeping abreast of and being involved in medical developments in our area of expertise.


Based on these values, Mr Shafi brings his expertise in service organisation to the Cambridge Gynaecology Centre.  We constantly endeavour to improve our service and welcome feedback.