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Frequently asked questions

Where do you see private patients?

The Cambridge Gynaecology Centre is primarily based at the Cambridge Nuffield Health Hospital, 4 Trumpington Road, Cambridge, UK, CB2 8AF. We have a fully equipped gynaecology suite with access to modern diagnostic techniques.


Where do you undertake your private operations?

Depending on your condition and insurance policy, this can be undertaken at the Cambridge Nuffield Health Hospital. We have ready access to operating lists on a regular basis so that there is no unnecessary delay in your treatment. Our operation lists occur on the second and fourth Monday of each month. Other times may be available by special arrangement.


Do you need a referral from a GP to see me?

It is generally considered good practice to get a referral from your GP who is responsible for your overall health. Most insurance companies will insist on this to provide cover under their policies. In exceptional circumstances, we do see patients who are unable or would prefer not to involve the GP in their care. If this is the case, you should check with your insurance company unless you are planning to self-fund.


Many women that we see are referred to us for specialist care by other consultant gynaecologists. The relevant consultant would normally provide all the necessary information to us prior to your consultation.


We also see patients from abroad and again if available, a referral from your specialist is advisable but not mandatory.


What are the private consultation fees?

We have a standard billing rate of £110 per 10 minutes.


The usual time allocated for a new patient consultation is 30 minutes and for a follow-up consultation it is 20 minutes, although these can vary according to the clinical situation.


Should you require additional tests (such as ultrasound scan, colposcopy, cervical screening, blood tests etc.) these will incur an additional charge.


If you are paying for yourself, please note that our fees are only part of the cost of private medical treatment. You may receive bills from the hospital for tests and prescriptions.


How do you monitor quality of service provided?

An on-going audit of complications for all surgical procedures undertaken by Mr Shafi confirms a complication rate that is ~50% less than the unit average. In addition, Mr Shafi had a Silver Clinical Excellence Award for the quality service he provides. Mr Shafi is the sole Gynaecologist in and around Cambridge to have held such an award.


Can I claim from my health insurance?

There are many different policies available. We offer a bespoke service for our patients that is tailored to their individual needs. You should check with your insurance company prior to making arrangements for consultation or surgery.


For those that are not covered by their insurance or have no insurance, we provide competitive self pay pricing. You may also take advantage of the Cambridge Nuffield Health Hospital’s price match policy.


How do I make an appointment?

You can contact Mr Shafi’s Personal Assistant, Steph Bennett, directly on 01223 513479 or email at The other option is to request that your GP faxes a referral letter to us at 01223 513498.


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