Mr Shafi awarded MBA from university of Cambridge - 5th May 2020

Mr Shafi has been awarded his MBA (Master of Business Administration) from university of Cambridge Judge Business School. The studies were over a 20-month timeframe and were highly valuable and enjoyable. He majored on ‘healthcare in the circular economy’ looking at sustainability and the need for green policies in health which is particularly pertinent at this juncture. It is anticipated that this work will continue to inform how healthcare is delivered, given the current situation with Covid19. The graduation ceremony for the MBA has been delayed until such time that large gatherings can take place. 


Many of you will have been affected directly with restrictions due to Covid19. We are going through uncharted territory and the independent healthcare sector has devoted all its facilities to support the NHS through this phase. This has inevitably meant that individuals seeking care in the independent sector have been unable to access these facilities. We anticipate the situation to be under constant review and as soon as we are able will recommence physical clinics. In the interim, we are offering a teleconsultation facility if this is deemed appropriate.


We hope everyone stays safe and look forward to meeting up with loved ones and those we cherish. One thing is certain, is that it will get better but the effects of Covid19 will be long-lasting. The search for a vaccine for this condition continues and we wish them success.