Covid-19 update - 4th Sep 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has propelled rapid changes in healthcare delivery. The number of cases has passed its peak following the lockdown measures in the UK, but still remain at a high level. We need to continue our vigilance in this respect.  In the last few months, rapid progress has been made in relation to digital technologies and how they are used in healthcare. During the height of the pandemic, Nuffield Health and its facilities were supporting the NHS in terms of capacity and clinical provision. We are now returning to a degree of independence and this has allowed us to recommence physical clinics at the hospital with appropriate precautions. Surgical activity is being undertaken with stringent policies. We have developed ‘green pathways’ that are Covid protected using the best science available. We will continue to refine the current clinical offering depending on the situation as it develops.


Adequate and appropriate testing for Covid-19 remains an important issue. Facilities for testing have been ramped up but they do not always match geographical requirements. The current tests still take 24 hours for the results to be available. It is hoped that a rapid test with results available in 20 minutes can be rolled out if the detailed review supports initial reports of accuracy. These measures will support life returning to a large degree of normality whilst we await the outcomes of various vaccine studies that are currently taking place. Once a safe and effective vaccine is available, then this would allow rapid roll out. We wish those involved with these studies success as it is very much in the interest of everybody.


With all the restrictions, screening programmes have fallen behind and if we can assist please do not hesitate to make contact. We hope that you have remained well and wish you safe health going forwards. Keep safe and active to minimize risk.