New year, new you... - 6th Jan 2021

Many of us have reflected on life and work over the course of 2020. Resolutions are often made with the arrival of the new year, but these often do not last much beyond the end of January! To maximize a positive outcome, it is important to realize the following:
- Change one thing at a time, rather than everything at once
- Start with a habit that is small enough to manage
- Seek a ritual, not the end result
- Change your environment
- Small changes will add up.

With this in mind, good luck with your resolutions.


As we enter 2021, we had anticipated that we would be sharing good news on the Covid-19 pandemic front. The numbers do not make pretty reading as the UK is entering its third national lockdown. This is because of the high prevalence of Covid-19 infections and the resultant pressures on the healthcare system. Unlike the first lockdown, patients and caregivers are more able to access healthcare systems for other issues and concerns. On a brighter note, the approval of vaccines for Covid-19 is welcome and praise needs to be heaped on the scientists and organizations involved in all stages of the process. This has happened in record time with results showing good efficacy with low side effect profiles. The vaccine is being rolled out with the most vulnerable being prioritized. The rest of the population will be offered vaccination in due course and this will hopefully allow a return to a greater degree of normality. At Nuffield Cambridge Hospital, we are implementing a lateral flow screening for all those delivering healthcare so that individuals are tested on a twice weekly basis with rapid results being available in 30 minutes. If a positive result (likely infection) is obtained, then a confirmatory PCR test is conducted. This is to try and maintain utmost vigilance. In the meantime, it is in everyone’s interest to take adequate precautions with basic hygiene measures and social distancing. 


With all the pressures on healthcare systems, please be aware that we continue to provide consultations, investigations and surgical procedures in a safe manner with all precautions. We are aware that patients are rightly concerned about the general situation but bear with us as we do see some light at the end of the tunnel. We are able to offer telephone/video consultations for those patients where it is appropriate but equally can see you in physical clinics within a safe environment. In the interim, please do not hesitate to make contact and we can advise accordingly as we strive to provide a service that is individualized and of the highest quality.