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At Cambridge Gynaecology Centre we offer specialist services tailored for the individual.

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At Cambridge Gynaecology Centre, we provide a specialised service that is tailored for each individual. Some people refer to this as a super specialist or subspecialist service.


Our areas of expertise include:

We endeavour to offer a one-stop service if appropriate (ultrasound, consultation, investigation, and treatment during the one day / visit). We have ready access to physiotherapy if needed and a specialised ultrasound and imaging service is also available. If there is a need for other specialist input, this can be easily arranged.


For women requiring surgery, we can provide the full range of services. Many of the women we see are referred to us by other consultant gynaecologists because of the complex nature of their problem or surgery required. We can offer keyhole surgery (laparoscopy) for many of the procedures, techniques which can aid recovery after surgery. The surgery is undertaken at Cambridge Nuffield Health Hospital, offering comfortable single accommodation rooms with en-suite private facilities.


Please contact us if you have any queries regarding our expertise or services.